The Glenway House
Shared Housing Model

Asheville, N.C.

Presented by Marianne Kilkenny
At the Selby Library, Sarasota, Fl.
Dec 10, 2011

Our Vision

Create sustainable communities where we can live in a mutually supportive environment with others of like mind and shared values that enrich our lives through friendship, life-long learning, and civic engagement.


Our Mission

We facilitate personal connections and activities directed toward the creation of communities that offer a lifestyle based on common interests and shared values.

We provide educational resources by way of workshops and conferences as well as consulting and training for individuals and organizations.

We partner with other organizations who can assist in furthering our Mission.

How Shared Housing is Successful:
The Real Deal

  • How it is a win/win in the current real estate and economic climate
    • Owner couldn’t sell 3100 square ft. property (for 3 years) that contained mother in law suite and three separate bedrooms with bath
    • Owners introduced to and accepted shared housing as a viable alternative
    • Owner agreed to necessary renovations to accommodate shared living
    • As a shared living house, rents range from $550 to $900 which includes sharing all utilities - heat, a/c, cable, internet, garbage pickup, etc.
  • How the people come together to participate fully
    • All of the housemates knew Marianne and had fully participated in her ongoing workshops and other community related activities
    • Each housemate had prior experience in shared housing
  • How to use best practice tools for communicating and decision making
    • State of Grace Document -  written agreements and expectations tool to facilitate in-depth getting to know each other
    • BePeace (combination of Non Violent Communication and HeartMath) - expressing feelings and needs
    • Dynamic Governance - problem solving and decision making
    • Communication Styles - adapting to different styles of sending and receiving information
  • How the house can be a resource to the surrounding neighborhood
    • Hosted monthly open houses to show the shared housing model to the bigger community
    • Provided an opportunity for neighbors to meet.
      Many had never met before
  • Tools - What tools will help make our experience more successful?


    Glenway House Residents

    What do you want to learn today?
    Sarasota Participant Responses

    • People - With whom am I building community?
      • finding housemates
      • how to get along
      • building a sense of community
      • responsibility --- health issues
      • interaction with the larger community
    • Place - Where am I building community?
      • alternative situations
      • more info about intentional communities
      • purchasing legalities
      • economics - current economy
    • What is standing in the way?
      • What to do with my “stuff?”
      • How to deal with my current income and the cost.
      • How about pets?
      • How do I begin finding housemates?
      • How do I find the place?
      • How do I balance privacy and shared space and time?
      • How do I form and participate in a core group?
      • What location do I want? -- urban, suburban, rural?
      • How can it work for a snowbird/sunbird?
      • How do I keep committed to making this a reality?
      • How do I get ready so that when the right place comes up, I can move on it?
      • What tools are there for making agreements?
      • How can I analyze the risks before making the commitment?

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