Meet the Leadership Team
Linda Tracy Shells JWM

Linda is passionate about Living in Community and brings her enthusiasm and communication skills to our network. Her main focus is enhancing the quality of relationships in a community setting, as she promotes our growth, and collaborates with other like-minded organizations.

Linda's expertise has focused on the challenges of change, communication skills, team building, leadership development, and time management. As a freelance facilitator, she has extensive experience in conflict resolution, problem solving and decision making strategies.

Living in Community brings together like-minded groups through both social and educational meetings. Our objective is to serve as an umbrella organization to help people identify the types of housing options they want for their future.

One added benefit is that participants share resources and support services, knowing their neighbors will be committed to the program from the beginning.

Tracy owns a marketing company which has dealt with the mature market for over 25 years. I see Intentional Communities as the next wave in housing.

Shells grew up in the family business, managing a large RV and mobile home community. Since then she has spent time in many different types of communities throughout North and Central America.

Developing conceptual and graphic renderings of communities is her passion with hopes of bringing several to fruition.

She offers her background in construction and experience in community and property management along with her technical skills to this endeavor.

I'm the team member who focuses on organizing business and financial issues.
I enjoy working behind the scenes to help make things happen.

Jeannette has been interested in co-housing for several years, and feels this is the way Boomers will choose to age in place.

Jeannette is currently owner of a local commercial business, previously owned a mortgage brokerage, and owns and manages several rental properties. She is Vice Chairman of SCORE, providing mentoring and advice to small businesses, and a mentor in Big Brothers /
Big Sisters.

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