Welcome to the Living in Community Network

The Living in Community Network is a local grassroots movement which connects people of like-mind and
shared values for the purpose of creating a
sustainable community lifesyle.


Our Vision

is to create sustainable communities where we can live in a mutually supportive environment with others of like mind and shared values that enrich our lives through friendship, life-long learning, and civic engagement.


Our Mission

We facilitate personal connections and activities directed toward the creation of communities that offer a lifestyle based on common interests and shared values.

We provide educational resources by way of workshops and conferences as well as consulting and training for individuals and organizations.

We partner with other organizations who can assist in furthering our Mission.

The Living in Community Network is a busy place.
We take every opportunity to get to know each other.
We want to know who you are and what makes you happy.
What is your ideal living situation?
How do YOU want to live?

Not sure?
We offer classes, workshops and seminars
so you can see the possibilties.


 recently hosted Ms. Marianne Kilkenny 

Our sister community organizer of Women for Living in Community in Asheville, NC has been making news for some time.

Watch the most recent video of her shared living experience,
as reported by Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News.


For more information about our previous gatherings,
visit the Living in Community Meetup Site


Find the Living in Community Network on www.Meetup.com/LivinginCommunityNetwork